Matthew Claffey

👨🏻‍💻 Frontend Engineer (sometimes UI Designer), based in Manchester.

About Me

Hi! I'm Matt, I specialise in in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/React and have experience working with .NET & PHP Platforms. I am currently working as a Software Engineer at Cinch, who are based in Manchester.

I have over 6 years professional experience in front-end development working with multiple agencies & in house companies — helping teams collaborate, work better together, streamline workflow, and deliver quality websites and applications.

✍🏻 I like to share what I learn to help others

I blog on Medium about all the things I learn and I feel that it is so important to share the knowledge with the world about the things I am passionate about.

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Integrating with GatbsyJS

When a web application has a lot of incoming traffic we want to have some form of logging to monitor errors across the domain so our application is performing at its best. In this article I am going to show you how to implement Sentry with GatsbyJS.

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Responsive fonts using css clamp()

If you have wrote CSS for fonts before you have probably experienced having to introduce a lot of media queries for different breakpoints. I am about to show you how to remove all those media queries using css clamp instead.

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How to mock api calls in Storybook

The other day I was building a storybook page component and I was having issues where the page had a useEffect hook that hit an api from the dev environment to populate the state.

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How to reduce you html output in 11ty

Minifying html is a really useful feature that can improve TTFB on the page and with 11ty it is very simple to do. In the eleventy.js config file we need to add a transform to the config which will check if the output is a...

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